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A Gangster Kind of Loving

September 01 2014 – Balanced Guru


Are you living your purpose? Have you found your purpose? Be it if you have found it or you are on your way to figuring it out, helping and serving others should be part of everybody's purpose at some point in our lives. Be it helping and serving those less fortunate, saving the oceans or protecting animals, our lives will be lived more fully once we experience the joy of giving back. Regardless if you are a yogi or not, you may have found your own way of finding peace and learning the tools that help you discover your true self. At Balanced Guru we have seen first hand how Yoga Gangsters are transforming and empowering children through yoga. They offer children who may have been separated from their families, may be going through a rough time or who are dealing with risks such as addictions, poverty or abuse, a safe space to explore, play, breathe and just be kids without any judgement, shame or blame. They create a safe space where kids learn tools that will last a lifetime, they learn self-respect, self-love, compassion and to find their inner strength and self control, all through the practice of yoga. Yoga is taught in a playful, soulful and loving way, with no regards of exact alignment, just keeping them safe, with no regards if they are properly inhaling or exhaling, just reminding them to breathe, teaching them to be present. For all of us who love yoga, we know how this practice sooner or later becomes spiritual, it becomes a way to express and channel our fears, our anger, our sadness, our joy, our peace and our love. It strengthens us and humbles us, we laugh, we cry and everything happens when we open up and show up on our mats. Just imagine the possibilities for transformation for these kids!

Balanced Guru LOVES Yoga Gangsters and we support what they do and hope they can reach out to many more children. Every year around September Yoga Gangsters has a Challenge event, where they ask all of their supporters to help them raise money to continue the awesome work that they do and to be able to transform more lives than they already have. We would like to reach out to YOU to help them raise as much money as we can before Sept 28th. There are different ways to help, here are some:

1. First and foremost, don't take our word for Yoga Gangsters' awesomeness, check them out:

2. You may donate by going to Crowdrise: and look for our team: "Balanced Guru LOVES Yoga Gangsters" and donate. We know donating makes you feel good but we want to pump up those endorphins and give you a thank you gift for your generosity! So with a $20 donation, you get any free travel size item of your choice and free shipping. With a $50 donation, you get 2 travel size items of your choice and free shipping. With a $100 donation, you get any full size item of your choice and free shipping. 

3. Or you may purchase a $20 gangster kit on our website, $10 of every kit will be donated to Yoga Gangsters. Kit includes any 1 full size energy mist + any 1 travel size item.

It is very simple to help, and if you have at least $20 to spare, you'll be able to share and invest in our youth.

Thank you so much for caring! Namaste.

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