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Thanksgiving: A time to practice gratefulness

Posted on November 27 2014

We are truly grateful for being able to share what we are passionate about with you. This holiday season, keeping aside any historically or politically correct connotation the holidays may bring, we want to practice simply being grateful. We hope you find joy and peace and may this be a source of peace and joy to others. We are very grateful to know more and more people like you want to see a positive change in our world, in our environment, in your body and soul. We are grateful you took a chance with us but we are even more grateful that when given the choice: you choose to eat, use and wear organic, you choose to support small businesses and fuel our economy and dreams by purchasing products proudly made in here in the USA.

This holiday season we hope you think of us when you shop around for that especial gift for your loved ones (or that especial treat for yourself). Join us for great deals from Black Friday to Cyber Monday all the way to Giving Tuesday. Enjoy the holidays!


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