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Heat Proof Summer Products Blog

July 19 2016 – Find Balance

Heat Proof Summer Products Blog

Heat Proof Summer Products Blog



The summer sun brightens up our beach days, darkens our tan lines and lengthens our daylight fun. And yet we need to be very mindful because the heat, UV rays, salt, chlorine and other harsh environmental factors can take a toll on our skin and hair’s wellbeing. It’s easier to remember to take care of our skin because of all of the sun protection options out there, and it goes without saying that using sun protection for our skin is a MUST for just about all summer outdoor adventures. It’s also easy to forget that we should also take care of our hair because it too can suffer from damage like our skin.

So here are some of our favorite summer hair tips:

Before going to the beach or the pool make sure to apply a little extra Balanced Guru hair oil to your ends. Your hair is going to need the extra love while you go in and out of the water and it will help your hairstyle stay in place for longer as well. If you are prepared for a long day, make sure to take with you our travel sized version so that when the water fun is over you can reapply and let it dry so frizz doesn’t take over, even if you haven’t had a chance to shower and condition your hair. For beach and pool days we recommend using our NO FRIZZ hair oil or RAZZLE DAZZLE hair oil before going out and reapplying as necessary.

Once you are home, make sure to fully rinse out the sand, salt and/or chlorine. The longer you wait, the stickier your hair will get. Apply a little of any of our scalp treatments to nourish and freshen up your scalp, especially where you part your hair which is probably where you received the most amount of UV rays.

After showering, moisturize and hydrate your skin as well. Apply as much as necessary from head to toe of either our HUG ME body butter or BALM ME UP body balm. This will help nourish your dry skin, promote elasticity and soothe any sunburns. Don’t forget about your heels and feet, they tend to get dry from all the bare foot walking and could use a little bit of love as well.

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