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Our partnership with Terrawatu runs deep as they work to tap time-tested ancient wisdom along with modern technology to create sustainable development projects in East Africa that are rooted in community.

Terrawatu's vision is to bridge the gap between indigenous and modern wisdom. If Terrawatu was going to build traditional classrooms in schools, then it was going to provide computers with Internet access. If it was going to build health clinics, they were going to provide treatments combining traditional healing with modern health science. Project staff would be primarily from the local community. And external funding would be for initial project implementation. Terrawatu’s measure of success for its projects is self-sustainability with maximum impact. Learn more about the projects Terrawatu is working on

To help them achieve their goals, we've co-created these organic skin care products that are good for your body, the planet, and Terrawatu. Check out these amazing top skin care products below.

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