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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy’s holistic approach to health exceeds western’s conventional approach of a symptom-oriented medicine.

It allows users to explore the link between physical and emotional health through its aromatic scents, which help to restore physical and emotional balance. For those new to Aromatherapy or for those skeptical, there is substantial literature and research that supports our beliefs and verifies the efficacy of our products. In efforts to prove their benefits, western conventional science uses a methodical principle, which explains observed effects as direct consequences of clearly identifiable causes. When an aromatherapeutic method is applied to natural substances like essential oils, where the determining factors and chemistry vary according to growing conditions, climate, method of harvesting, geography, and methods of distillation, this type of research becomes more complex and costly than expected for conventional science. Unfortunately, due to the fact that there are not many patents to be made out of natural extracts there is little to no financial incentive in the medical or pharmaceutical field to fund this type of scientific research and thus development in this field is slow. We also must recognize that some of the most rewarding benefits of Aromatherapy may not be able to be explained solely through scientific data, but rather through a more holistic approach to health. One has to keep in mind that the effects and benefits of essential oil blends are the result of synergy and not the sum of its parts. Even more noteworthy is that new research in neuropsychology acknowledges the relationship between emotions, healing and health, supporting alternative and holistic ways of healing and maintaining wellbeing. In nature, essential oils perform a vital function in the metabolism of plants, which aids in explaining the potential therapeutic benefits in other living organisms, such as humans. Aromatherapy works by invigorating olfactory receptors that directly link to and stimulate the limbic system in the brain, which regulates and controls our memories and emotions. Topically, essential oils work by having small molecular size and low polarity. This gives them great mobility to penetrate tissue, move around the organism, entering our blood flow, and then leave our systems without leaving any toxins, all in less than 48 hours. We trust and hope you will enjoy the benefits of all of our Aromatherapy blends, both believers and skeptics alike!