Giving Back

What Moves Our Heart, Lifts Our Spirits And Gives Us Hope

We find as much joy in receiving as we do in giving back. This is why we created a “customized limited edition” program designed for non-profit organizations to promote and fund those causes that resonate with our hearts, spirits, and intentions. We fervently believe that organization, creation of communities, and promotion of positive action will undoubtedly encourage change. The change must start with each and every one of us, and always from within. By using Balanced Guru products, you are automatically encouraging change from within and also participating in positive change on a much bigger scale. We can and should start building the world we wish to live in today, and every little effort counts. We can change the world if we are conscious of our intentions and act accordingly, as Gandhi once said “be the change you wish to see in the world.” At Balanced Guru, we wish to be the embodiment of what Gandhi advocated, and dedicate a space for non-profit orgs to create their own product lines. These product lines will be customized blends and designed for the organization to further spread the word of their mission(s). Through offering its’ own, unique limited edition products, the organization will hopefully be able to fund their causes and continue creating ripples of positive action in the world.

We encourage you to check these organizations and their website, and see why these organizations move our hearts, lift our spirits, and continue to us hope. Hopefully they will inspire you too! There are different ways of supporting them so please check their websites and all the beautiful work they are doing for our communities.

If you have an organization of your own and are interested in our customized limited edition products please contact us:


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