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Synergy Clothing + Balanced Guru Mother's Day Giveaway!

May 02 2014 – Balanced Guru

We are so excited to be partnering with Synergy Clothing for a Mother's Day giveaway! Synergy Clothing ( is fashion with a conscious, made with organic cotton, fair trade work, low impact dyes and best of all they have all sizes available because we know beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, colors and genders! We teamed up to celebrate what it means to be a woman, be it because you have had the fortune of being a mother, maybe you have been a mother figure to someone you love or maybe you have conceived an awesome dream project!

The pathway of creation, be it a baby or an idea, goes through the same mystical passage of conception, pregnancy, birth, and the many seasons of mothering from then on. Synergy and Balanced Guru both believe our products tie closely to the experience of motherhood. Synergy Clothing creates women's clothing to emphasize the feminine, delicate, and creative side of womanhood. Using organic cotton & low impact dyes and fair trade labor which makes it motherly in itself for being conscious of our environment and taking care of Mother Earth. Most importantly their line embodies how a woman can have it all. You can feel and look beautiful without compromising or harming the earth, or exploiting other human beings by purchasing clothes made through cheap labor. Synergy embodies clothes with a motherly consciousness.

Balanced Guru's Energy Mists may be used throughout the conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond of a baby or an awesome idea/dream!

Conception: GUILT FREE blend  (2nd chakra) will help spark creation, it will support change and transformation. It will help balance emotions, judgments, insecurities, fears and feelings of inadequacies that may arise. The UNDERSTANDING blend (7th Chakra) will help face these mentioned emotions with patience, understanding and curiosity. This blend will help nurture a woman’s universal identity connecting it to a larger meaning of existence transcending the ego. Spirit and nature may come into play nurturing wisdom and curiosity.

First trimester: FEARLESS BLEND (1st chakra) and  GUILT-FREE BLEND (2nd chakra) would be recommended at this stage. During this stage it is recommended for women to rest, slow down their pace, get in touch with their bodies and tune in to their inner and new rhythms. The FEARLESS blend will help ground them. The GUILT FREE blend will help shed former structures, habits, patterns, routines, identities, and nourish and hold space for the natural vulnerability, which takes place at this stage. It will help find joy in change and transformation without feeling guilty or overwhelmed.

Second trimester: FEARLESS BLEND (1st chakra) and EMPOWERING BLEND (3rd chakra) would be recommended at this stage. At this stage the pregnancy is taking root so the FEARLESS blend will help women find their center and root down their energy while physically finding movement in their new and ever changing bodies. The FEARLESS blend will stimulate a woman’s physicality. The EMPOWERING blend will stimulate the energetic flow to help move any stagnant energy. It will help balance any self-esteem issues, keep their ego under control and keep their inner fire and motivation burning.

Third trimester:  FEARLESS BLEND (1st chakra) and FULL OF LOVE BLEND (4th chakra) would be recommended at this stage. The ability to staying present and witness change, pain, discomfort, stress and any other rising sensation and emotion will help ease and find joy in the moment. Our FEARLESS blend will help make this bodily and earthly connection and our FULL OF LOVE blend will bring love, compassion, and nurturing qualities to the experience.

Beyond: Mothering invites women to live in the moment. Being present allows us to savor and enjoy every moment more fully. This stage invites women to be true and honest with themselves, in order to take care of another being or to tend a new venture. The TRUTHFUL blend (5th chakra) will help women clearly and freely express their emotions by talking with a friend or counselor, journaling or just acknowledging to themselves how they feel and where they feel it. When we speak our truths and face our fears they start to dissolve, the spoken word is real and the vibrations of our voice are felt even if they are not heard. The INTUITION blend (6th chakra) will encourage and support this process. Listening to our bodies, to our gut, following our dreams and identifying patterns will help mothers make decisions within this new and exciting journey. Nurturing their intuition will help keep your creative energies flowing while staying in touch with your bodily wisdom.

How to Enter:

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One set of Grand Prize Winners will each win a complete set of Energy Mist's and any single (1) item of your choice from our Spring 2014 Collection!

Two sets of Runner-Up Winners will each receive a $25 gift code to and a $25 gift code to AND one (1) Engergy Mist of your choice!

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