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SEVA AMAZON products: a win-win opportunity for you and our Amazon rainforest

May 02 2014 – Balanced Guru

Check out our SEVA AMAZON Body Oil this month on People StyleWatch Magazine! Please support our cause of helping preserve the Yasuni National Park, part of our Amazon rainforest. Off The Mat Into The World through its SEVA Amazon legacy fund helps protect the Yasuni National Park by supporting non-profits (like Clear Water, Pachamama Alliance and Amazon Watch) to continue to work actively in the Amazon rainforest where deforestation, missionary activity, rubber extraction, colonization, palm oil production, and oil extraction has contaminated the land and rivers endangering one of earth’s most diverse eco-systems and reducing indigenous populations and exposing them to health and social problems.

By purchasing our any of our SEVA AMAZON products Balanced Guru will donate 100% of the profits of any of those 3 products. It is the perfect giving back gift, a win-win opportunity for you and our rainforest! Check out our SEVA AMAZON products:

For more information on how you can help and donate directly please visit:



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