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Celebrate your baby bump this #BumpDay!

July 22 2015 – Find Balance



We are happy to join What To Expect in celebrating all the beautiful mothers around the world this #BumpDay. Through commemorating our baby bumps and our mother’s baby bumps by sharing pictures and experiences, we are helping to support healthy pregnancies and draw attention to the challenges pregnant women all around the world are facing. In honor of our feminine, divine and mystical creative centers, the pathway of creation (be it a baby or an idea) goes through the same mystical passage of conception, pregnancy, birth and the many seasons of mothering from then on. We are all mothers be it for giving life to a being or life to our dreams or both.

Mothering invites women to live in the moment. Children remind us constantly how to do this, how to be here and now. Being present allows us to savor and enjoy every moment more fully and it can also invite us to face fears and uncomfortable emotions that at other times we would probably avoid by doing something like work or anything that would take our minds and hearts out of feeling.

Our FEARLESS blend will help mothers make this bodily and earthly connection and our FULL OF LOVE blend will bring love, compassion, and nurturing qualities to the experience. 

Our GUILT FREE blend will help shed former structures, habits, patterns, routines, identities, and nourish and hold space for the natural vulnerability, which takes place during motherhood. It will help find joy in change and transformation without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. GUILT FREE will help spark creation, deeply linked to our sexual organs and in women to our womb it will support change and transformation. It is where our creative energy flows and shadows reside. It will help balance emotions, judgments, insecurities, fears and feelings of inadequacies that may arise. Our UNDERSTANDING blend will help face these emotions, judgments, insecurities, fears and feelings of inadequacies with patience, understanding and curiosity. This blend will help nurture a woman’s universal identity connecting it to a larger meaning of existence transcending the ego. Spirit and nature may come into play nurturing wisdom and curiosity.

Motherhood also invites women to be true and honest with themselves, in order to take care of another being or to tend a new venture. Our TRUTHFUL blend will help keep women’s throat chakra balanced, so they can clearly and freely express their emotions by talking with a friend or counselor, journaling or just acknowledging to themselves how they feel and where they feel it. It will help them seek for the truth by breaking down their fears into something tangible and manageable. When we speak our truths and face our fears they start to dissolve, the spoken word is real and the vibrations of our voice are felt even if they are not heard. Our INTUITION blend will encourage and support this process. Listening to our bodies, to our gut, following our dreams and identifying patterns will help asses mothers make decisions within this new and exciting journey. Nurturing their intuition will help keep your creative energies flowing while staying in touch with your bodily wisdom. Finally our EMPOWERING blend can also help during the nursing stage if women find any constrictions or stress at this stage, the EMPOWERING blend will help them surrender.

We hope you enjoy motherhood in all its forms (babies or new ventures), and all its ups and downs, we hope you take risks fearlessly and enjoy every minute of them and we hope for you to always be transformed and stay balanced.

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