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Take flight this Valentine's Day! Find balance and connect with partner yoga

February 12 2016 – Find Balance

Take flight this Valentine's Day! Find balance and connect with partner yoga

Take flight this Valentine's Day! Find balance and connect with partner yoga

Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love and love can manifest itself in many different forms. The ancient Greeks even came up with four different terms to signify the different forms that love can take. Agape is the unconditional love that is accepting of the beauty and flaws of the human condition, phileo is the warm platonic love we have with friends, storge is the affection we feel for family and close friends and Eros is the passionate love that conjures up emotional and sexual romance.

Even if we don’t have a significant other to share our storge love with on this special day, it can still be an excuse to spend quality time and experiences with the people closest to us that we love or to practice self love and treat yourself to an exciting day. Our recommendation for the perfect Valentine’s Day date? Partner Yoga.

Partner Yoga can be a reinvigorating way to deepen any relationship. By sharing in the experience of creating poses and finding balance with your partner you can can deepen your trust between each other. It’s an opportunity to take a break from the mundane and allow yourself the freedom to let go, all while getting an exhilarating workout.

Partner yoga is also a great way to unlock the connecting power of touch. Touch releases hormones such as serotonin and dopamine but most importantly oxytocin – this love hormone helps to increase feelings of attachment and affection as researchers have found that it plays a key role in the brain chemical messaging of pair bonding.

Many studios offer acroyoga, thai massage or combination partner yoga workshops on Valentine’s Day weekend. A great place to get started on your search is, an online directory for yoga studios. You could also download the app Mindbody, which is a platform where you can find not only yoga classes but also a plethora of fitness activities, many with introductory deals.
Alternatively, you could take an online course and dedicate a whole day to a self-guided workshop in your living room. Some fun ones can be found at Udemy which allows you to purchase your first course for only $24. Here are some of our favorites: Acroyoga & thai yoga massage.



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