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A Nighty Night, Sleep Tight, No Sheep Counting Beauty Ritual

August 16 2016 – Find Balance

A Nighty Night, Sleep Tight, No Sheep Counting Beauty Ritual

A Nighty Night, Sleep Tight, No Sheep Counting Beauty Ritual

A great morning starts with a good night rest and we guarantee you a nighty night, sleep tight, no sheep counting beauty sleep with the following beauty routine.


  1. First and foremost prepare your mind and set the mood for the night, finish any unresolved task or accept you will continue tomorrow and let it go for the night. Turn off any electronics you don’t really need to have on, disconnect and unplug yourself from everything that will not help you achieve a good night rest.


  1. Now prepare your body, we recommend taking a warm (or hot) bath, you may include a little aromatherapy, bath salts anything that will help you relax and let go of your day. If you like aromatherapy we recommend any of our Energy Mists, especially our Intuition, Full of Love and Understanding blends. Make sure to cleanse your face (twice if you use waterproof make up or if you wish a double cleansing) with any of our Facial Cleansers, follow with your favorite toner and appropriate facial masque and finish with either our Ageless Serum or our Nourish Me facial serum.


  1. Then prepare your scalp and treat yourself to a very loving scalp massage with any of our 3 scalp treatments, which ever applies best to your type of scalp. Start close to your temples, in a circular motion with your fingertips and start moving towards the top, front and back of your head.


  1. Last but not least spray a little of our Intuition or Understanding energy mist on your pillow case, temples, inner wrists and on your chest (close to your heart), inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Continue breathing deeply and slowly, surrendering to what is, all thoughts or feelings will pass and with every inhale fill your heart with gratitude and every exhale let go of anything that does not serve you.


Some beauty benefits of a good night sleep: sharper mind, increased energy, fewer wrinkles, a more glowing complexion, brighter and less puffy eyes, and a better and more stable mood throughout the day.

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